family time

At the beginning of August Brandon’s family came up for a visit. We had been trying to get a beach trip together and it just didn’t work out, so instead Michelle used part of her vacation to spend time in Burlington- just where everyone wants to vacation, right?? It was really sweet of them. We had smores, went to the pond and the pool, and my husband proved himself to be a bit of a pyro. Most importantly, these cousins who don’t get to see each other nearly enough got to spend some time together!

Exhibit A of fire-obsessed Brandon.

A sleepy boy got some cousin cuddles


IMG_2919.jpg IMG_2923.jpg

IMG_2930.jpg IMG_2929.jpg

IMG_2941.jpg IMG_2944.jpg


(Of a dozen shots, this was the best. Oh well!)

Apparently my child was the one who was messing things up, because this is cute.

IMG_2969.jpg IMG_2970.jpg

He’s all “Woah!” So funny.


It took for-everr and a little uncle-niece teamwork to get this fire started for marshmallows. But it was worth it, they were so good! We had a great time with Aunt Michelle, Nana and cousins… and now we need to pay them a visit!


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