August insta-style

Three cement mixers and some other assorted trucks at the construction site down the street.  He could watch all day.  #littlesupervisor Nana time.  #latergram
His lips were a little blue but he was still loving it! First ice cream cone tonight!  #delight
Don't be jealous of my new coffee table.  Worth it bc he loves it.  #happybirthdaycharlie Serious face- the rain needed to stop.
Yum, icing!! I don't think he even tastes the cake! The upside of the rain- not much says happy like a two year old in a mud puddle.
One more from yesterday- boat ride with cousin Meredith. Happy Monday morning #donutdate with my favorite 2 year old.
Half dressed pirate. Bacon breakfast with my boys.  Feeling grateful for an unexpected Saturday off with them!
Grilled cheese and a big pot of tomato soup for dinner.  What's up August?  #imnotcomplaining Poor little man had a doctors appointment complete with shots and a finger prick this morning.  And this is all he has to say about it.  :)
Ready for the rain to go away... Just taking a Saturday morning stroll with Batman.
Too cool at the pool It's a got off work early, trader joes favorites in hand, waiting on the front porch for my boys kind of night.
It's been a while since I had homework.  There are multiple pages involving dropoff/pickup including a map.  #preschool Spent some time at preschool this morning- I think he's gonna love it.
First trip to Ihop!

I took a lot of pictures of food and us eating in August.  In my humble opinion, no one has ever looked as cute eating birthday cake, or sitting in front of a plate of pancakes and bacon though 🙂


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