July insta-style

Happy 4th of July!  #mylittlefirecracker Untitled
I poured him Cheerios.  He got out cookies and said "op-it!" (which i think means "open it please mommy"). #itsgonnabealongday Daddy better be ready when he gets home- it's on.  #PicFrame
He would stay in the car all day if you let him #weirdreflection #ikindofloveit Pool and books... That's my favorite kind of afternoon too.
Good day for the playground Untitled
Untitled He looks like a granny behind the wheel... #rhonnadesigns_app
From date night last night... Goofball. Oh the paci... If daddy has his way it will be gone this weekend.
Not a John Deere boy- he likes the "orangey tractor" There's a baby crying at the pool- C says "baby's tired". Probably true, he's going to be a good big brother!
Untitled Playing with camera angles while we hang out in the car...
Why yes, i did spend an entire naptime playing with train table configurations.  #toomuchgeometry #itsgonnabeagoodbirthday upload
Love him for lots of reasons- one of them is because he knew there was only one way to respond to my text this morning. And then Charlie borrowed my phone. Chalkboard drawing in our pajamas... That's where I want to be this morning, instead of off to work.  #latergram

Thought I should post July pics before we get too much further into Sept 🙂  July was good to us- some red, white and blue(berries), a new haircut, lots of pool time and time behind the wheel for a certain underage driver.  The only bad part is that now any time we get in the car to go anywhere, he whines about driving.  It’s like having a teenager!  He also won’t ride in regular shopping carts anymore, they have to be the car-looking ones.  So if a representative from Target is reading this (and I’m sure they are), I’m going to need you to get on that and put a steering wheel on some carts already.


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