embrace the camera

I loosely followed along with Under the Sycamore and The Anderson Crew on their “embrace the camera” challenge this week.  Basically its about getting into pictures with your kids, so that years from now when they are looking back on photographs of their childhood they don’t just have cute pictures of themselves (there will be plenty of those too) but they also have memories of family life.  I failed at getting Brandon in front of the camera this week, but maybe that will be my mission for this weekend!  Here’s some that Charlie, baby B and I took this week 🙂

A day late but I'm doing the #embracethecamera challenge this week!  #smiles
My new favorite photo of C & I.

Mommy goes too slow these days #everydaymoments #embracethecamera Untitled
Untitled Untitled 

Playground shenanigans.

Don't want to forget that this little one was playing matchbox cars before he or she was born.  #embracethecamera
A random everyday occurance around here: Charlie running Matchbox cars/trucks over anything that will hold still- the train table, the couch, mommy’s belly… When this little one comes out making car noises, we will know why!


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