September insta-style

Playdoh and paint outside- it won't last long but I'm thankful while it does First day of preschool!!
Road trip!  We've probably talked more in the last 6 hrs than in the whole last week- we needed this.  And also, I really like him. A beautiful wedding- so happy for @alex_galea  and Rachel!
@alex_galea @tararial #PicFrame
A trip down Loyola memory lane.  Charm city, I miss you.  #latergram Hiding in the curtains, watching the neighbors.  That's not creepy, right?
The view from here: I can still see my feet, barely.  #28weeks Sending out some very happy mail today.
Constantly chewing his hands, drool everywhere, and a cold... Poor baby.  Teething two year olds are no fun. Gorgeous fall days and plenty of space for running #ballfield
Apparently he needed to get a little closer to the train action this morning. Early morning snuggles with this guy.  And later this morning- a much needed haircut!
The best kind of day for the playground. Oh my- I said Charlie smile for me and this happened.  It just got infinitely harder to take a photo...
Happy birthday Mo!  Charlie is in his crib singing "Happy birthday" at 9:30 pm- too much cake perhaps?  @kamccart0927 @jennifermccarthy0830

September marked the start of preschool, a road trip to Baltimore for a gorgeous wedding (and a happy reunion!), Berger cookies, several yucky days of sickness for C, and a little birthday celebration for Aunt Mo.  Sorry if you’ve already seen all of these photos and don’t care- but Brandon doesn’t log on to instagram so this is the only way he sees them!


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