Chatty Charlie 2

IMG_4295 IMG_4293

“Mommy, watch this!!!” is the toddler equivalent of “Hold my beer.” It usually means something stupid and dangerous is about to take place. 
Toddlers are hilarious!  I’m trying to write down some of the funny/cute things C says because I forget them all too quickly. 
Charlie (to Brandon): Daddy, I tooted!
Brandon: What do you say?
Charlie (turns around to me): Mommy I tooted LOUD!

(all the time): Mommy, I hold you. (translates to: Pick me up, please!)

We were at a restaurant on Friday night and I was walking back from the bathroom.  Charlie claps and loudly exclaims: Great job Mommy!!!

We were at the doctor’s office for a baby check-up and Charlie’s shoe came off (?- don’t ask)
Charlie: Oh NO! My left shoe!
(He does not actually know his left from his right, but he did happen to get it correct. The other lady in the waiting room just turned and stared at us.)

Golfer on a Fisher-Price Harley. Look out now.
Hanging with uncle Bri.


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