October insta-style

The monkey shirt seems very appropriate! Ice cream instead of dinner... Because I give up.  And it's way too hot for October.
Stories, mickey, coffee and milk.  He loves to hang out in the "big bed" in the mornings.  Me too! Thankful he is brave enough to do the tunnels and slides at the playground by himself these days.  #preggolife
Cousins FaceTiming.  Yay for technology! Preschool picture day... I don't envy whoever has to get 8 two year olds to hold still.
A day late but I'm doing the #embracethecamera challenge this week!  #smiles Mommy goes too slow these days #everydaymoments #embracethecamera
Don't want to forget that this little one was playing matchbox cars before he or she was born.  #embracethecamera Untitled
#fridaydonutdate at the park. It's been too long. Trying to cheer up my grouchy boy.
"Greenland is a pain in the ass" he says.  Hard at work on C's big boy room.  I don't think I've ever heard anyone with such a strong opinion about Greenland before. Pumpkin patch @jennifermccarthy0830
He didn't care which pumpkin we picked, as long as he got to pull it in the wagon! Done.  Big world, little Charlie.
Cutest Mickey Mouse ever.

October started with shorts and ice cream and ended with jackets, pumpkin patches and costumes!  There’s a little sneak peak of Charlie in his costume here but I have a bunch more photos to come.  I think we even succeeded in getting one of the three of us together!  Also in the last few weeks we (read: Brandon) spent a lot of time working on Charlie’s “big boy” room.  Now it just needs a few finishing touches.  And he needs to decide he wants to sleep in there!  We aren’t going to kick him out of his nursery any time soon though.  I don’t want to rush him: I like the security of knowing he is still semi-contained in his crib and even when new baby comes he/she will sleep in our room for a few months.  Right now, Charlie will tell you that both rooms are his!  We are still working on the whole “sharing” thing…



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