Man, this feels like it was soo long ago, but here is Charlie on the first day of preschool (2.5 short months ago!)




Goofball.  Two pictures: that’s all you get Mom, they had better be good!

First day of preschool!!

I wish I could say he loved preschool.  Most of the time I think he tolerates it ok, but he is never super exciting about going.  He talks about his teachers (he puts both of their names together, like they’re one person, so you never know exactly who he is referring to!) and he knows the names of the other kids in his class.  Last night at dinner he broke out in a random song Brandon and I had never heard before, and that was really cute!  But for the most part its hard to know what he does there and whether he likes it or not!  I’m grateful his teacher sends out emails every week and tells us what they’re up to!

They had school pictures taken about a month ago, and we got the proofs last week- Charlie’s could be mug shots!  He has the same stoic expression on his face in all three, they are just taken from slightly different distances.  Of course we ordered them anyway- they’re hilarious.  These are some that I took of him playing outside that same day.  He was all dressed up, and then he climbed on his “motorcycle” I couldn’t resist!




IMG_4339.jpg IMG_4343.jpg



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