10 days

That’s how long I technically have until this baby’s due date.  Three more shifts at work, including Thanksgiving and the day after.  Ugh.  Poor Brandon was trying to ask me about plans for next week- because in all likelihood I will still be pregnant and working on Thanksgiving (read: sampling all the pies in the break room) and he and C will have to eat turkey somewhere.  But FOR THE LOVE I can’t even think about making plans for what feels so far away when all I really want is to be holding a newborn baby by then.  Part of the problem is that this baby keeps tricking me: almost every single evening for the last three weeks I’ve had contractions and at least twice I’ve thought “This is it!”.  But obviously… baby disagrees.  Even my midwife said at my appointment last week that she thought it would only be a couple of days.  When I went in for my appt THIS week, it was all “could be anytime” and “you never know”!  Blah.

Untitled Untitled
{Cheer-me-up smoothies with the boys after my appointment this week}

But this whole having a baby thing is one that I’m only planning to do a few times in my life, and it really is amazing.  When I’m not all disgruntled about being tricked by the fetus, I can usually appreciate the small miracle.  So last night I was driving home and thinking of all the things I will miss about being pregnant or when the baby comes.  Here’s what I’ve got:

  • The kicking, punching, jabbing, throwing elbows or whatever else he/she does in there.  What an incredible feeling.
  • We’re always together.  And while that will continue for the next several months, it will involve all manor of juggling things and hooking up Baby Bjorns and slings and whatnot.  For now, its (relatively) easy, baby is always there.
  • Charlie’s kisses to my belly at night time.  I melt.
  • Ice cream- such a pregnancy cliche, but is there anything better than a hot fudge sundae?  Yes.  One that your husband sweetly offers to go pick up while you relax.
  • One on one playtime with Charlie.  I’m sure he will get tons of attention after baby is here too, but I don’t imagine I’ll be sitting on the floor building towers with him for a little while.
  • Talking about all of the possibilities with Brandon.  We still don’t have a middle name for this little one, so we’re always throwing out names and imagining who this little one will be… (boy or girl?? as it gets closer, the anticipation is fun)
  • The belly.  My sister in law warned me of this one before I had Charlie, but I didn’t really get it- I couldn’t imagine missing this big cumbersome thing!  But so often I subconsciously rub my belly or rest my hand there- and then once baby comes there’s no more sweet baby in there… just pudge.  But I still reach down to rub my belly for weeks and its feels like phantom pregnancy syndrome or something.
  • Sleeping.  Some preggos may disagree because third trimester sleeping isn’t know for being incredibly comfortable.  But I go for quantity on this one- right now I can go to bed early, take naps when Charlie naps… I may wake up a bunch of times in there, but at least I’m still counting sleep in hours not minutes!!!

That’s all I’ve got right now.  Little one, we’ve got our bags packed, the house is clean(ish) and I have some extra dinners in the freezer.  We all want to meet you!  Anytime now is good.  But while you’re still happily camped out in there I will try to stay busy and savor this time too.

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