some randomness from the past few days


We got a little toy- a fisheye lens for the iPhone.  It was fun to play with but we decided not to keep it.  Too much chance of it breaking with these two around.  And, let’s be honest, their klutzy mama doesn’t help matters.


Life is never dull around here.  In fact I think this is the hardest job I have ever had.  People tried to prepare me when I was pregnant, but it was hard to even imagine until I had two little people screaming for my attention- for different things of course!  We are slowly figuring out ways to get along.  Charlie does better on days where he still gets some one on one time.  And fortunately Sammy naps really well in the Moby wrap (side note: I was a little skeptical of it at first, but its the best!  My family laughed at me the first time I put it on (and that is quite a process) but she stays all happy snuggled up in there and its kind of like I’m still pregnant).  So Charlie and I play trains or planes or automobiles while she is sleeping and then he’s usually ok when she wakes up and needs me.  Some days still require whatever Disney Junior show he’s into at the moment- he loves those days 🙂  Yesterday was a monumental first around here: I got Charlie to take a nap.  VICTORY!  And Samantha and I were able to nap at the same time.  And that was my biggest accomplishment this week, by far.



Hard to believe, but this sweet smiling face will cry for hours in the late evening.  And she can’t sleep unless someone is holding her (so she’s basically lying on her belly).  I’m cutting dairy out of my diet this week and praying that will make a difference for her. Poor babe.

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

Sorry there are so many of these pictures- but their funny faces after bath time last night were cracking us up! You can see Charlie wasn’t quite ready for bed. He still had plenty of energy!


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