Easter bunnies

We celebrated Easter with an egg hunt at Charlie’s preschool, and another one at Mimi & Bops.  We dyed Easter eggs and made a bunny cake.  Then the Easter bunny dropped off baskets on the doorstep!

Sammy says, “Its cold out here guys!”


IMG_9616.jpg IMG_9620.jpg
IMG_9634.jpg IMG_9636.jpg
The outdoor egg hunt at his school was pretty chilly.  He also only picked up ONE egg.  In spite of encouragement from Uncle Bri, Mommy and Daddy… he just watched the other kids gather up all of the rest of the eggs.  Meanwhile, Mimi snagged some more eggs from another stash and threw them in his basket.



IMG_9798.jpg IMG_9806.jpg
IMG_9820.jpg IMG_9821.jpg

And a few posed Easter pictures, because they were both looking too cute:


IMG_9768.jpg IMG_9750.jpg


My fave! It looks like she wants to hug him!


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